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CELOX Hemostatic Products

CELOX Hemostatic Products CELOX Hemostatic Products CELOX Hemostatic Products

FDA-Approved CELOX [CELL-ox] Products are redefining effective bleeding management. Bleeding has been stopped in much the same way it has been since the turn of the last century – until now. CELOX Granules, Gauze and Dressing are invaluable, potentially life-saving products that provide rapid, efficient hemostasis for men, women, children and seniors.

CELOX provides a range of hemostatic products to control bleeding from and around central venous catheter, fistula, and graft access sites. CELOX performance has been proven on the battlefield, in emergency and clinical settings, and in the laboratory.

CELOX is the only hemostat proven to rapidly stop bleeding even when blood and its ability to clot is compromised by use of anti-coagulant blood thinners like Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Pradaxa or Xarelto. CELOX doesn't sting or burn and easily irrigates with water or saline.

CELOX products are not new. CELOX was created for use on military battlefields to stop severe bleeding in its tracks – in most cases instantaneously – even in extreme circumstances or challenging conditions. Now the same FDA-approved, military-strength, hospital-grade products are available for use in non-military markets – without a prescription. CELOX is classified by the FDA as an OTC medical device, not a pharmaceutical.

  • In the history of its use, there have been no reports of CELOX having failed or underperformed
  • CELOX – FDA /Health Canada/NATO approved & prestigious Class 3CE mark in Europe
  • Classified by FDA as an OTC medical device, not a pharmaceutical – for nosebleeds and minor, moderate and severe bleeding [not yet available in retail stores]
  • Only product proven to quickly stop bleeding for those on blood thinners like Coumadin, Warfarin, Heparin, Plavix, Pradaxa or Xarelto
  • Each product designed to be easily self-administered and used by those with no emergency or medical training
  • Cannot be over-used – No measuring or "dosing" needed
  • Reduces risk related to spread of blood-borne pathogens
  • Works for those with inherited or acquired bleeding or clotting disorders [like Hemophilia]
  • Does not sting, burn or generate heat
  • Easily washes away with water or saline – no debridement necessary
  • Because it is bio-compatible, remaining CELOX granules are safely absorbed

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Contact Info

Biologistex Inc.
400 Riverwalk Parkway, Suite 300
Tonawanda, 14150
Phone: (716) 834-1096 or 1-866-992-3569
Email: Benita Lupu

CathPal I & II

CathPal I & II CathPal I & II CathPal I & II
The CATHY-MATE is a catheter securement wrap that secures the catheter without any sticky reside and doesn't attract dust and dirt the way tape does. It allows the patient to release and re-secure the catheter multiple times without having to replace the adhesive to the skin, reducing the number times it needs to be changed - saving time, money, and making it less irritable to the skin than using tape. The best part that is that the CATHY-MATE remains secure when it gets wet during a shower. Overall, just a great, new, innovative product that will help dialysis patients everywhere.

Contact Info

Stonewell Industries, LLC
33 Baxter Street
Medford, 02155
Phone: 6037818895